My Approach to Headshots

Get seen more with stunning portfolios from one of the UK’s foremost headshot photographers.


My industry insight and photographic skill mean we’ll subtly capture your full casting range to create a portfolio truly fit for 2017, 2018 and beyond, whether for the UK or US.

Because one good headshot is fine, but a set of great headshots can open many more doors.

How We Work Together

You, the Unique Actor

I treat you as an individual, learning how you’ve been cast, the roles you’d like & what your agent wants, carefully considering your skin tone, facial structure & hair/eye colour.

Your Input

It’s not just me shooting your noggin, I ask you to get involved: I send a welcome pack to help you prepare clothing, makeup and hair ideas, and think about a short brief for me, then during the session we regularly review photos to help you fine tune posing, hair, makeup or the ‘look’, so you get the headshots your career needs. You might find my ‘8 Prep Steps for Better Headshots‘ preparation video helpful.

Oh, God! Posing

I was an actor myself, so I know how awkward it can feel in front of a stills camera: I direct you throughout the session, and we spend time on simple posing techniques that will help you ‘perform’, while looking perfectly natural. The wonder of digital is that by reviewing, we can fine tune that subtle performance together. Check out my ‘How to Pose for Actors Headshots: 9 Pro Tips‘ video

Shooting Variety

I don’t have one look that I repeat, I shoot what works for you. I help you make the right choices of top, and direct you to achieve different subtle moods across the shoot, while using different backgrounds, lighting techniques & ‘feels’ of shot to capture your full casting possibilities

My Expertise

The APHPOf course you can rely on my industry and photographic expertise: The Stage recently called me a “Top Theatre Photographer” and I’m a founder-member and Chairman of the APHP. Also, how many other photographers do you know who have surveyed all UK casting directors in the last year? But involving you is the best way to get eye-catching shots capturing the full range of your casting.

Sounds serious?

I am serious about your shoot, but that doesn’t mean it’s a laugh-free zone. My sessions are relaxed – even fun – with music, tea and chat (or a fag, if that’s what you need), so you feel and look at ease in front of camera. Check out my testimonials for the hard evidence… 

Packages & Booking

Based on own my 6 years (and four headshot sessions!) as an actor, as well as over 6 years of shooting with lovely actors, I’ve settled on a set of packages that seem to satisfy the different needs of my clients, whether they are seasoned professionals, students at drama school, refreshing a portfolio, or creating a whole new set of shots. You can check them out at the link.

Got more questions?

Here’s my FAQ, my full Headshot Terms are here, and If you’ve got any questions, just get in touch.