Coronavirus Update

I’m open again for bookings from June 15th 2020.

From my last ‘Corona-safe’ pre-Lockdown shoot

Hope you have been thriving in these strange times – I’m sure the last thing you want to talk about after 12 weeks of lockdown is Coronavirus, but lots of people have questions about shoots returning, so I thought it’d be easier to put everything here.

Of course, we want to be safe and we also want to help safeguard ourselves and our friends/relatives. There are some practical ways to do that.

At the same time, a session is about you looking and feeling good, and about the energy of our connection, so it’s just as important we keep all that good stuff. Plus music repels viruses, so we’ll be playing your favourite songs.

I’d actually spent lots of time before the lockdown working out how to make my light and airy studio safe and productive for shoots and had run a few like this, so I know they work and we still get great shots.

Now we are getting back to a more regular life, I’ll be running my shoots in the normal way, with a few ‘new normal’ tweaks:


  • The 10am shoot time means you will miss the circa 8am high traffic period on tube/buses/rail that TFL encourages people to avoid. Though if you can walk or cycle, why not? If you are travelling from elsewhere in the country, it may be possible to start a little later. Drop me a line.
  • Elbow bumps not handshakes when we meet. There’s nothing normal about that, but it’ll have to do…
  • There’s a bathroom to wash your hands upon arrival, and there will be hand sanitiser in the studio for use in-shoot.
  • My studio is a good size, so the makeup/changing area will be just for you, and I’ll ask you to sit 2m from my workstation when we review images.
  • When we are shooting in the studio, I will wear a mask. Obviously, you don’t need to!
  • The way I shoot means we will be 2m apart when shooting, inside or out.
  • The studio is well ventilated anyway, but as long as the weather is good, the windows will be open & we’ll also have a fan running.
  • I normally shoot 1 person a day, so there will not be overlap between any client.
  • Friends and family members will not be able to sit in on a shoot (except for actors under 16, when it is a requirement).
  • The client area and high-transit areas will be properly cleaned between each client – think makeup table, clothes rail, hangers, door handles etc…
  • It’s really important not to come to the session if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus, or have been exposed to someone who has. I know after all this time off you’re probably raring to go, and I am too, but it’s better for us both to err on the side of caution.
  • For that reason, I will be more flexible about rearrangements within 48 hrs. This a two-way street – because I only shoot one person a day, if you cancel on the day or the day before, I probably can’t replace you with someone on the waiting list and lose my day’s wages, so please use this flexibility responsibly.


  • You might want to think about travelling slightly lighter. 10 tops, not 100, for example!
  • Get to the session on foot or bike if you can.
  • Try not to arrive too much before the shoot time.
  • If you’ll need wipes and tissues please bring your own.

Any questions just drop me a line at and look forward to working with you!

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