FAQ – How should I prepare for my actors headshot session?

© Michael Wharley Photography 2014

In a word, carefully!

I find a little bit of prep goes a very long way in actors headshot sessions.

Just as you wouldn’t tell a hairdresser to cut your hair, you’d have a few ideas yourself, so it’s fine to brief me. In fact, I like it if you do. Not over prepare, because sometimes  a surprise top or idea makes all the difference, but something to get out creative juices flowing at the start of the session.

So, when we agree a headshot sesson time and date, I send you a Welcome Pack with my advice on preparing for and making the most the session.

That encourages you to think about the sorts of castings you get and want, and to make clear choices about hair, makeup and clothing that will really help you get the range of headshots to create a dynamic portfolio fit for the modern casting environment.

Of course you can rely on me to do my job, but the more front-footed you are the better!