Spotlight on… David Gant Headshot


He’s played Merlin more times than he cares to mention, has appeared in classic films from Gandhi to Braveheart to Brazil, models for the likes of David Bailey and was right at the top end in last year’s The Times Best-Dressed list.

So, ahead of out headshot session, it did cross my mind that David Gant might  be a wee bit grand, but in fact he was a delight to spend time with.

We were working together because a filming job required him to sport less facial hair than normal, and David’s Agent, Lynda Ronan, spotted a good opportunity to add breadth to his headshot portfolio on Spotlight

Headshot Variety


Facial hair is such a defining feature in a headshot that it can very hard to see past it to the face beneath.

While David is sporting a fairly defined whiskers here, they are much lighter than his normal beard, giving him an edgier, tougher look than his more normally hirsute appearance.

So we worked on lighting set-ups and I directed David to feelings to try and capture more of that toughness. And by choosing one of his plainer tops and shooting with hair tied back, also added a more thoughtful shot towards the upper end of David’s playing range.

It just goes to show that even with an appearance apparently dictated by  beard and long hair, you can still find ways to demonstrate range and variety in headshots.

David says:

“The atmosphere in Michael’s studio is one of relaxation: he puts you at ease from the start – there is no fuss, he knows exactly what he is doing, and gets on with it, with subtle direction…”