Take Control of Your Headshots

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Offers actors the tools, techniques, insights and tactics to take control of their next headshot session:

Workshops for Drama Schools

Michael Wharley Headshot Seminar ©Eliza Power

Michael Wharley Headshot Seminar ©Eliza Power (No reuse without permission)

I’ve been running headshot workshops for actors for several years, for drama schools like R.A.D.A, for companies like The Stage and The Actors Guild, and at a range of industry events including PerformActor ExpoSurviving Actors, National Student Drama Festival and Edinburgh Fringe.

Lasting from 45 minutes to 3 hours, we cover: casting types, what makes or breaks headshots, how photos can subtly show different sides of your casting, how to pose and relax in the session, what to wear, how to brief your photographer and choosing a portfolio fit for 2019.

To discuss booking for your Drama Institution or for yourself just contact me.

(Photo above courtesy of The Stage and copyright Eliza Power:  check out her excellent website at  www.elizapower.co.uk)